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What Makes a Podcast Listen-Worthy?

If you are considering making a podcast, it is important to figure out what would make your series stand out among others. While there is no formula for the exact science of a successful podcast, with a little thought, effort, luck, and innovation, a podcast can thrive. It is worth remembering that every idea for content is going to be absorbed differently by various audiences. Since the opinions of podcasts are subjective, ultimately choosing a subject that feels authentic and familiar for you is the right approach.

By following these tips here, a podcast will be listen-worthy in no time: 

Have One Central Idea or Concept

Every podcast has a central idea or concept they are trying to convey to listeners, whether that be a political standpoint or sharing expertise on a specific topic. The core idea behind the podcast is what is going to drive each session, and get listeners who appeal to the topic back for more. A good podcast has a main idea that is apparent, and the speakers can clearly express their thoughts about it. For example, if you have a podcast about new technology, but find yourself often talking about something else or sharing too many side stories that aren’t relevant to the topic, listeners may go elsewhere. 

Release New Podcasts on Reguar Schedule

One of the most influential factors to whether a podcast is successful is whether new podcasts are released on a regular schedule. Podcast listeners have expectations of podcast content creators, and tune in just like they would with a television program. A consistent release schedule enables your audience to be engaged while also increasing visibility of your work. As an extra tip, use a quality microphone and audio editing software to promote a good experience for those who tune in. 

Stay Authentic, Despite Pressure From Competitors

It goes without saying that there are more than enough podcasts for listeners to choose from. Thinking about this fact may cause you to feel pressure, as if you have to keep up with competitors. However, you can reduce this pressure by staying authentic for your topic and choosing something you actually enjoy speaking about. If you speak from a place that is vulnerable and true for you, the podcast will invite listeners while developing a relationship with them. 

Structure and Organize Your Podcast Episodes

For new listeners, tuning into a new podcast is a risk. They will be more willing to tune in if there are defined structures for what will be covered, so they know what to expect. By sharing an explicit structure on your podcasts, it can help listeners know what they have tuned in for and keeps them engaged with the ideas you will cover. A good podcaster is purposeful in how their episodes are structured, and organizes them in a way that expresses their ideas and forms a meaningful message. 

With all this being said, podcasts are also supposed to be fun, so get imaginative, creative, stay authentic, and on schedule! 

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